6 Top Reasons to Visit Poland

Looking for inspiration for your next trip? If you are, then why not take a look at Poland? It has plenty of things to attract visitors so let’s take a look at the reasons that it is a popular tourist destination. 


It might not be one of the first reasons that come to mind, but Poland has a whole host of delicious dinners out there to experience when you pay the country a visit. Not only this but the Polish are famed for their hospitability and ability to make anyone feel like they are very much welcomed.

Whether you go for pierogi, bigos, gulasz, gołąbki or perhaps just some of the local produce; your taste buds are sure to be tingling.



What could make a perfect complement to all this delicious food then some delicious drink? Whether you like to indulge in an ice cold beer or perhaps try some of the many different varieties of vodka that are on offer; Poland has plenty to pick from in bars, restaurants and shops.


One thing that many people find when they visit Poland is that it is a truly budget-friendly place to go. You can sample delicious foods, drinks and stay in beautiful places all without it breaking the bank. Perfect for those who are travelling, enjoying a gap year or simply want to keep an eye on how much they are spending.


Do you love to admire beautiful and majestic castles? If you do, then Poland should definitely be on the of the top destinations on your list. Here you will find castles in varying states of repair; from those that are nothing more than ruins to those that stand tall and proud. From the Malbork Castle to the Wawel Castle there is something to please everyone.


Aside from the man-made beauty that the castles offer, Poland also boasts some areas of outstanding natural beauty too. Coastal regions in the north, mountains to the south and a whole host of beautiful landscapes in between; whether you want to splash in the waters or hike up a mountain, you can do it all in Poland.


For those that make it their aim to see UNESCO world heritage sites, Poland is another addition to the list. The Old Town in Krakow, the Salt Mines and of course Auschwitz- Birkenau are all must see places that you should take in for a taste of the beautiful history of the country.

This list is just some of the reasons why Poland should come amongst the top of your travel bucket list.

If this has given you the inspiration to visit but you’re still not sure what to see then, why not take a look at the list of TOP 15 places to visit in Poland by The Crazy Tourist,  featuring absolutely everything that you could possibly want to explore and experience. This is an amazing way to explore the beautiful country as well as create memories that will last a lifetime.

4 thoughts on “6 Top Reasons to Visit Poland

  1. I love polish castles. I think they’re really beautiful. You should also see for
    example Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle in Szczecin. It’s easy to get there because
    there is an aiport near the city. Szczecin has also nice Old Town. Very impressive
    is also 100-year-old renovated Dana Hotel, which now offers luxurious rooms.

  2. I think that Poland is one of the best European destinations. It is cheap, beautiful
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  3. I do agree that Poland is for sure worth visiting, and even though it is quite
    popular amongst tourist, it is not too overcrowded. My favorite city is Warsaw, as I
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