Capture the moment: Photography tips while travelling

I find that the most important souvenir you can bring home from your trip are your photographs. The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take stunning pictures. Lucky for you, using the camera on your smartphone can result in taking photos with that wow factor. These tips could mean the difference between a good and an amazing holiday photo, that’ll make your friends green with envy!

1. Early rise and shine


The saying, ‘the early bird catches the worm’ is especially true when it comes to getting that perfect shot. Getting up early while everyone else is asleep means that there will be less competition (and crowds) when taking pictures. Remember, the golden hours are usually one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.


2. Research, research, research!


Whilst it’s always great to wander around, researching your destination beforehand helps you to maximise your time. It’s always good practice to check the internet for articles and blog posts to help give you ideas for photos.


3. Three Is The Magic Number

One of the most basic and essential photography tip is the Rule of Thirds. This is breaking the image down into thirds horizontally and vertically, so you can place important parts of the photo into those sections, and frame the image in a flattering way. Most cameras and phones have a ‘grid’ feature, making this process easy to do!

4. Have Patience

This point is key to capturing a beautiful image. Slow down and pay attention to details. By waiting, you may just find a unique photo opportunity! The more patience you have, the better your photography will turn out.


5. Don’t want to drag around a bulky camera? Use your smartphone!

I use my iPhone to take nearly all of my holiday snaps. It is incredibly convenient and has plenty of tools to enhance your photographs. The panorama setting on the iPhone is a great tool to capture full landscapes that you may not be able to get in an average photo. Just make sure you keep a steady hand though!


6. Don’t zoom in!

Try to avoid zooming when taking pictures. As soon as you zoom you’ll see the picture will become grainy and the quality will be lower.


7. Backup your pictures daily if possible

Take advantage of Cloud storage, such as Dropbox, to easily upload photos and clear up space on your phone. If you’re bringing a laptop along with you, an external hard drive or memory card is a must. Backing up daily is important in case your camera is lost or stolen.


Capturing those amazing moments in life is priceless. What do you think of these tips, or you have some others to share? Let us know with a comment below!

Kathlyn Brown