Curious Kat’s recipe for the best Halloween ever

Costume enthusiasts, make-up artists, horror fans and party animals everywhere, get excited, because Halloween is almost here! Alright, it’s in two weeks. But it’s not too early to start getting excited and start planning for a great weekend. We’ve got just the ingredients you need to have a great fright night this year.

Studio shot of Halloween pumpkins and autumn leaves arranged on white background

A fantastic costume

Whether you dress as something really obscure or one of the classics, don’t do it half-heartedly. It doesn’t matter if you’re the tenth Harley Quinn at the party, as long as you’re the best Harley Quinn at the party. You don’t need to spend lots of money on a costume; in fact, some of the best fancy dress outfits are put together with Primark’s finest! Face paint and hair are everything too, if you can’t quite find the clothes you need.


A great party with fellow enthusiasts

It doesn’t quite feel as good dressing up if you’re the only one in costume, so get yourself to a party, any party! We recommend you join us at London’s Roof Gardens. With great music, good food, and a chilled out location, it’s the perfect place to celebrate in style. If you’d like something a little scarier, what about a trip to the circus? With fire breathing, sword swallowing and acrobatics, it’s sure to be truly twisted. Maybe think twice if you’re afraid of clowns!


A scary film night

There’s nothing like watching a few thrillers in the weeks leading up to Halloween to get you into the spirit. Make it themed: slasher night, ghost night, zombie night. Or maybe “day”, if you’re not quite that brave!


Decoration, decoration, decoration

Outside, inside, all over. Even if you’re not hosting a party you can still carve a pumpkin and put up a few fake cobwebs, but if you’re hosting an event or opening up your home to trick or treaters, really get into it!


Thrilling events

Wild parties are great, but Halloween is also a good time to try something different. Many cultures around the world now celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival. This year we’re off to join in the festivities with Wahaca for a fiesta filled with crafts, music and food!

For something more chilling, get in touch with nature and join us for a night time walk in Epping Forest, or come along to the Haunted Halloween Walk. We’ll walk through the very streets of London where ghosts are thought to appear, accompanied by a guide who knows all about their history. Bring some ghost stories to tell, to really get into the spirit (pun not intended!)


Liv Paige