Four reasons a Thai massage is the best kind of massage

Looking for a new way to wind-down? Tired of people telling you that exercise is a viable relaxation technique? Then a Thai massage might be for you. It’s not just for fun; Thai massages come with health benefits that make it one of the most popular types of massage.

It’s kind of like yoga, without the work

Rather than other types of massage such as Swedish, a traditional Thai massage doesn’t really involve your masseuse rubbing on your muscles. Instead, the muscles are stretched, pulled and compressed (gently!) whilst the subject is moved into various yoga-like positions. If you really think about it, you’re basically going to the gym.


You get to keep your clothes on!

Some people may feel uncomfortable about getting a massage because of the close skin-to-skin contact with someone they’ve never met before. This isn’t a problem with a Thai massage, which requires you to wear comfortable clothing. There are also no oils involved, so your clothes aren’t going to get dirty or greasy.

It’s great for your muscles and circulation

All massages are likely to be good for your muscles, but recipients of Thai massages in particular generally benefit from relieved muscular tension up to days after a session. The positions held also help increase blood-flow to the targeted areas, which is good for your heart.


It chills you out

Unlike some other types, a Thai massage is slow, with no sudden changes of rhythm; each movement gently flows into the next. That makes it much more peaceful, which is great for you mental well-being!  

Liv Paige