Iceland: Top 5 things to do

Iceland, specifically Reykjavik, is a favourite holiday destination for many. This capital city is full of lively pubs and restaurants and within an hour’s drive you can be at one with nature, taking in the incredible beauty. It’s a lovely country because of the perfect wintery weather (the max. temperature being 14°C in Jul/Aug), friendly locals and natural wonders.

When you visit make sure these sites are on your to do list!

  1. Blue Lagoon

You cannot visit Iceland without booking a place here, it can’t be recommended enough, you may even want to visit twice. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa, where you can bathe in mineral enriched water reaching temperatures of 37°C – 40 °C, whilst still being in the cold Icelandic air. You can have a drink whilst being in water thanks to the in-pool bar as well as benefiting from the natural Silica through a mud mask leaving you with super soft skin.

Pre-booking is a must, and there are various packages to suit everyone, whether you’re on a budget or living to the max.


  1. Golden Circle tour

The tour is a full day (8 hours) of sightseeing, stopping off at the three natural wonders of Iceland. This includes Þingvellir National Park, the Geysir hot spring area, and Gullfoss Waterfall.

Although tours like this often include hours of just sitting on a bus (and for someone who gets car sick it’s not the most appealing way to spend a day), but it really is worth it. The views of the park are stunning and the prolonged anticipation of waiting for the hot springs to blast is so exciting! The waterfall is the highlight. The sheer magnitude of Gullfoss is breath-taking, really making you appreciate Planet Earth.


  1. Christmas Shop

This might seem slightly insignificant compared with the magnificent Icelandic nature but it adds a touch a Christmas magic to the trip. Not to be missed for any festive Christmas lover. It’ll puts everyone in a good mood, bringing back memories with the playing of cheesy songs.

It created a different path to experience the Icelandic culture, for example the figurines known as the ‘Yuletide Lads,’ are 17 ogres who leave presents on the windowsills of the good children, and potatoes for the naughty children!


  1. Northern Lights

In a top 5 list of things to see in Iceland, the Northern Lights just has to be here. They are famously tricky to experience and even if you visit during the peak season (Sept-Apr), there is no guarantee they’ll make an appearance. If you do miss them, then it’s a great excuse to return to this wonderful country.


  1. Perlan/Hallgrimskirkja

Perlan has the most incredible views from the fourth-floor deck, fit with panoramic telescopes and descriptions. There is a restaurant here, for which you will need to pre-book due to its popularity, but it is worth visiting just for the panoramic views.

Whilst you’re here, also visit Hallgrimskirkja, which is a rather impressive church. The design and architecture is striking and at 73 metres tall, it is the largest church in Iceland.


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