Last minute Valentine’s Day date ideas


Valentine’s day is fast approaching and you still haven’t booked a romantic weekend away, you haven’t booked their favourite restaurant, you haven’t bought any flowers or chocolates and you haven’t even bought a card yet. What you do have is very limited time, so what are you going to do? Here are just a few of our ideas of how to bring adventure into this year’s Valentine’s day.

Love Lock Bridges

Forget about getting a generic card this year, instead, surprise your other half with a mystery trip to a love lock bridge. Declare your love by locking your padlock to the bridge and throwing away the key, so your love can never be broken!

Recreate Your First Date

If possible, why not recreate your first date (or as close as you can get to it) and relive those old romantic feelings. At the start of any relationship romance is at its peak, so return to the happy memories that you experienced together in the early days. You may be surprised at the new memories you make!


Head away from the city and explore the beauty of the natural skies whilst staring into the constellations with your loved one. Prepare a picnic and maybe even hire a telescope for the night to capture a clear and picturesque view.

Visit an Outdoor Cinema

Weather permitting, go retro and visit an outdoor cinema for an old school romantic film fest. Pack the popcorn and hot chocolate and prepare to snuggle up for a true outdoor cinema experience.

Arts and Craft

Whether you’re an artsy couple or not, why not try an arts and craft class? Try your hand at creating each other’s portraits or get down and dirty with clay and re-enact the famous romantic pottery scene in Ghost, though the music may not be included.

Get active

Sick of the same old restaurant? It has become a bit boring and stale, hasn’t it? Well then why not get your body moving instead and try your hand at something new? There is a vast array of activities that you could try together, from dancing, rock climbing, hiking and skiing, to skydiving, kayaking, surfing, and skating – the list is endless!

Food and Drink Tasting

If you see yourself as a bit of a food or drink connoisseur, tease your taste palettes with food and drink tasting events! Jazz up date night by dumping the same old restaurant and instead choosing to visit a winery or brewery and learn all about the drinks you’ll be enjoying.  Swap the takeaway menu for a tasting menu or take part in a cookery class if you’re more of a hands-on foodie.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Take a trip down memory lane, but instead of writing down all of your milestones as a couple, go out and visit the places that hold those wonderful memories. Plan a route on a map for your partner or write clues to the next destination, making this enjoyable trip like a sentimental memory treasure hunt.

It’s not always easy finding the time to do the things we want to, especially on Valentine’s day, so why not surprise your loved ones with the gift of adventure with a voucher  for Curious Kat’s Adventure Club and explore the places you’ve never been before, together.

April Micallef & Jordan Taylor

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