Six stunning carnival outfit ideas


A carnival is the perfect time to show off, so why not do it with the showiest creature of all? Bright blue and feathers galore, this costume is bound to make you stand out amongst the crowd. If you’re super creative, try making a train that actually spreads as you move your arms.


That’s the original harlequin, no comic book characters here! Although most commonly black, white and red, the harlequin can be whatever you want it to be. Just don’t forget your jester’s hat!


All about the headgear

Some people don’t really enjoy going full fancy dress, but if you still want to be part of the fun, why not just go for some headgear instead? A bowl of fruit or an elaborate crown- throw on a colour-matching outfit, and away you go!

Go historical

So you want to dress up, but you want to look classy whilst doing it. We get it, and this is what we suggest: a deliciously elaborate ballgown or a waistcoat and breeches, a very tall wig, a mask and a fan. Et voilà!



It’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to be over-the-top hilarious or the stuff of nightmares, but either way, a clown is a pretty classic costume idea for a reason. It can be fairly easy to do, but also dressed up if you like. It’s also easy to individualise; if you’re in a large group, why not go as a troupe?


This costume is often low-key but always effective, and good if you don’t want to be really colourful. Plus, you’ve got the added advantage of being able to play a part!

Looking for somewhere to put all these fun ideas into practice? Join us in Italy for the Venice Carnival!

Olivia Paige