sticking to your diet during holidays

To be successful on a diet you will have changed your living habits and going on holiday could jeopardise all your hard work. This article will help you to stick to your diet on your travels, to not be anxious about your diet and to help you return home without any excess baggage.  

Below are your handy tips on how to reduce weight gain whilst ‘sunning it up’ on a beach, walking the cobbled streets of an ancient city or wherever your passport takes you.

Firstly, think about what the realistic expectations are. The game plan when on holiday should not be to lose weight, but to minimise weight gain as best you can. So, if you don’t lose any weight please don’t feel bad and beat yourself up. The main thing is to have a great adventure whilst away from home.


When on holiday many people drink more alcoholic beverages than at home and calories in drinks can add up very quickly. If possible stick to zero and low calorie drinks. According to drinkaware these are the drinks to avoid:

  • Glass of wine = 159 calories, which is the equivalent to half a burger and 16 mins running
  • Pint of beer = 182 calories, which is the equivalent to 0.6 of a burger and 18 mins running
  • Pint of Cider = 216 calories, which is the equivalent to 0.7 of a burger and 22 mins running

You can drink sensibly with these low calorie drinks and add a glass of water between each round.

  • Vodka, lime and soda = 102 calories
  • Light Beer = 110 calories
  • Champagne = 84 calories

Stay Motivated

Pack photos of yourself before you started your diet, to remind yourself how far you have come. Also, take a photo of how you aspire to look. Place the photos in a visible space within your hotel room to keep your motivation, perhaps by the mirror in the bathroom.


You probably already know what you can and cannot eat, depending on which diet you are on, so stick to what you know.

In restaurants you can ask your waiter for small portions, sauces on the side and healthy substitutes like swapping fries for salads.

If you are on holiday with half board or full board catering then take advantage of the fresh and locally produced fruits, vegetables, fish and salads, they will be delicious!  

Give yourself one cheat day, so that you can take advantage of the cuisine. Don’t be so strict on yourself that you miss out on experiencing part of a new culture!

If portion sizes are important to you, ask yourself if you feel comfortable going up to a buffet with your own plate, so that you are aware of how much you are eating.

Stay Active

Does your hotel have a gym? Is there a local yoga or zumba instructor? Taking 45 – 60 minutes out of your day to exercise will not ruin your holiday and you may pick up some of the local language in a class. Other fun ways to exercise on holiday are:

  • Swimming in the sea
  • Taking a long walk along the beach
  • Going scuba diving
  • Hiking a mountain
  • Going on a bicycle tour through the town/city
  • Kayaking or canoeing

If you enjoy activities whilst away from home, take a look at the fun you could have on a Curious Kats Adventure Club here.

What to wear?

If you are going on a holiday to warm climates you may wear loose baggy clothes. Wear a fashionable waist belt to help you stay aware of how much you are eating and whether your body’s changing shape.

Hopefully, you will find these handy tips useful. If you try and test them, please let us know via twitter @CuriousKatsClub with #curiousdie