What are the benefits of club membership?

You already know that Curious Kats Adventure Club, provides affordable, high quality and diverse events in and around London, as well as taking you on trips all over the World. You can be a part of it all, by becoming a club member!

Our trips range from active and cultural day trips to skiing trips and tours off the beaten track. We have something available for everyone! Did you know that as a Club Member you receive lots of amazing benefits as well as being able to contributing ideas for future destinations?


What does it cost?

You can become a Club Member for a whole year, with one simple payment of £71.88 (£5.99 a month). This is the equivalent to:

  • 9 adult tickets to the cinema
  • 6 whole chickens at Nandos
  • 28 Grande Cappuccino’s at Starbucks
  • 8 Bolognese dishes at Bella Italia

Would you rather go to the cinema, drink coffee or experience the World and become an explorer with memories you will never forget?
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Why become a Club Member?

  1.      Meet new people

As a Club Member you will meet like-minded people from all over the World and become part of the Curious Kat Adventure Club community which is very welcoming and friendly.

Did you know: Happiness research by  Ed Diener and Martin Seligman found that the happiest people were those who were sociable and had strong relationships?

  1.      CKAC newsletter

You will receive a newsletter straight to your email, which will keep you up to date with all the latest news and trips. You won’t miss a thing!

  1.      Online account

By having your own account, your bookings will be fast and simple. You will also have 48 hour priority booking, so you’ll never miss out on a trip!

  1.      Savings and discounts

You will receive multiple discounts on all CKAC trips. There are also numerous free events (at least 2 per month), throughout the year for you to attend.  The more you experience the more you will save. See the table below to see what you could save.

Curious Kat’s Adventure Club

Events and Trips

Non Member price

Club Member Price


Free Event

Animal Farm Adventure

Lewes Guy Fawkes Night Adventure









MINI Event (from 15% discount)

The Dance before Christmas

Lavender Farm Hike







from 15%



MIDI Event (10% discount)

Lake District – Hiking Weekend Adventure

Outdoor Aqua Park







from 10%



MAXI Event (from 5% discount)

Secrets of Thailand, Cambodia & Elephant Safari

Skiing and Snowboarding in France







 from 5%



We have 100’s of stimulating and impressive ventures available for to pick and choose as you please. Create a year of enjoyable and entertaining trips for yourself. Start exploring and saving today!

  1.      Share your dreams

Tell us where you want to go and what you want to experience. We’ll research, plan and execute the entire trip. We’ll do the work so that you don’t have to. You simply book and enjoy the experience!


What are you waiting for? Join today to start saving and exploring!

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Helen Critchley