When summertime comes: Oyster Festival

Summertime Sadness is the most common emotion I fight to overcome at most parts of the year living in London.
Summer here is like a long distance friend who only appears once in a while if you are lucky. But when it does come we sometimes let it pass by without making every moment emerge triumphantly. Each winter we plan and envision different ideas in our minds for the brighter days to come yet when they arrive never seems to materialise. Some put it down to work and home commitments or simply not having that somebody who shares
the same ideas of what summer should be.

Putting any plans, buckets list or even the smallest of dreams on the back burner never to be seen again, we get so lost that the time to conquer these aspirations never returns.
We all get tangled in a web of beautiful problems, but the question lies in how we fight our way out and catch these dreams.

I once found myself drowning in this very situation where every summer I was inside this sealed box away from the amusements of people having the time of their lives on the outside. Sometimes we all need that ray of light to bring us into the brightness and this something Curious Kats Adventure Club provides.

Giving you a platform to find not only like-minded people all in the same boat wanting to break out of the box. People who would go on and become lifelong friends helping you find yourself.

I have been blessed with such friends through Kats Adventure Club who not only share my passion and aspirations but who come with no reservations to hold back on any plans proposed to them.
What I love about Kats Adventure Club is that they offer so much variety in the events they plan, you can just try almost anything while conquering your dreams and finding unconditional friends.
A break from this state of mind, I joined an event this weekend just gone by……the world famous Whitstable Oyster Festival. The festival takes place on the seafront of Whitstable with a pebble beach at hand close by.

Whitstable expresses itself a historic fishing village with some of the best seafood in the country. It’s a real shame to learn that so many have unheard of this event, while some who do know never make it to the event altogether. I simply turned up at Victoria station at 10 am to meet the host of the event to be checked in and collect my tickets before being escorted onto the train. Arriving at Whitstable just after midday it was time for lunch. Stalls
and pop up bars galore, this place was heaving with oysters in almost every shape and size imaginable averaging at £1 per oyster….apparently this a bargain according to oyster fans in London.

Getting to know the group on the train towards Whitstable, you already know so much about your fellow groupies that by the time you reach the festival, you already have someone to explore it with. If your thinking oysters are not your thing, count me into those thoughts as I’m not a fan either. For me, it is more about the getting out of my box to spend a day with like-minded people and enjoy an afternoon by the sea. Thankfully I was not singled out as although it is an oyster festival, you will find a plenty of fantastic alternatives.

Unfortunately, unlike the previous times, the event has been split into two sections. One being on Whitstable beach and another larger event taking place a 20-minute walk away past the quaintest castle I have seen. Yes, Whitstable has its very own castle right in the center of the town. With its very own floral garden and a tea shop serving some of the fanciest cakes including all time classic Victoria Sponge, this is definitely a stop for those wanting to enjoy an afternoon tea by the sea.

I had already indulged in some cod and chips by the time reached the second event, my appetite was none existent. Arriving at the event taking place at the Tankerton Slopes my jaw just dropped at the sight of the stalls and everything that was on offer. Anything you could imagine was available from prosecco and crab sandwiches to Burgers and Thai snacks. Yes, I did regret not waiting until I had reached the second section of the festival to grab some lunch but, in a way, glad at the same time that I didn’t need to fight my way through the crowd trying to balance the flutes of cherry dipped prosecco. Music playing loud to the sound of the sea, a fair to the rear of the ground including the classic dodgems it’s just everything you expect in bright summer

Offering something to suit everyone, Whitstable puts on quite a show of things to do, ensuring you have an amazing day. You could sit or even recline on the beach and watch the waves go by, or you could grab some summer spritz to enjoy the live music…the world indeed is your oyster at Whitstable. I’m one to explore and decided to walk along the beach as far as it took me… was it good? Well, this, in my opinion, is one on the prettiest beaches in Kent so that alone would bring me back to Whitstable.

An annual staple to enjoy life by the sea while meeting New like minded people, this is going to be on yearly to do list to make my summers exciting. Just ensure you have cash with you to ensure you do not have to make an endless walk to the closest ATM. Why not grab a beach towel to recline on the beach watching the waves go by. If you love crab head straight to the event taking place at Tankerton to grab the best crab sandwich ever while sampling some fabulous sparkling wine. Why not let someone else plan for a fantastic day away from the everyday stresses and have some time for yourself without breaking the bank.