Why you should go on a trip with total strangers

Travelling is a great experience, no matter how you do it – as a solo traveller, part of a friendship group, as a family – but a way to make your experience extra special, is to do it with strangers.

Here at Curious Kat’s Adventure Club (CKAC) we know all about it cos we’ve been doing it for more than 5 years 😀  We’ve had trips with shy people, with party animals, with curious adventurers like ourselves and with people who had their first travel experiences. You never know what your travel companions will be like. It’s always an adventure and always a pleasure to meet new people while visiting new places.

(Photo from our Go Ape Adventure)

This experience is what CKAC offers and here’s why you should join us:

No preconceptions

You never know what to expect on trips with strangers. They are not predictable, as you never know who you will meet. This makes the trip a sociable adventure as well as an exploration.

Meet different people, with similar interests

Having the opportunity to meet strangers means that you meet people from all types of places, with different beliefs and new stories to hear. This increases your knowledge of cultures and people, which gives you the power to tolerate and respect others that may be a little different from you…

Be yourself

Travelling with new people means that you can be anyone you want to be. You don’t have to play the sensible role or the funny friend – you can be the real you! There is a good chance that you will discover a new part of your personality that you never knew existed.

 (Photo from our Morocco Trip)

Makes the trip unique

The likelihood of the same people travelling together again is unlikely, therefore this makes your trip 100% unique.

Strangers can become new friends

You can never have too many friends. Attending a trip or event like the ones Curious Kat’s Adventure Club offers, is one of the best ways to meet new people who share your interests and passions. All your friends started as strangers but when you found commonalities they become your friends. Going on a trip is another way you can make friends.

Learn from others

When individuals join a trip it’s a great opportunity to share advice and tips about previous travel experiences. So, you can learn about which places to visit, ways to save money and when the best times to visit cities are plus lots more. This first hand advice is invaluable!

 (Photo from our trip to Ice Hotel in Romania)

To increase your friendship group, attend a CKAC event. Find a friend who shares your passion for hiking, cycling or travelling around Asia. Travelling with strangers has so many benefits and if you’re still not convinced, try one and then make a decision. To find your perfect trip with strangers, click here.

Helen Critchley