Why you shouldn`t feel guilty about spending all your savings on travel?

Recent studies at the Cornell University have found that travelling makes people happier, although it is great to have scientific proof; anyone who has ever been travelling could tell you that there is nothing better at putting a smile on your face then an epic travelling experience. But, the other side of the coin (quite literally) is that there will be plenty to book and buy to prepare for your travels. Luggage, insurance, accommodation, transport even travel guides. All of these things can build up and you may be surprised by the total when everything is calculated. This is why many people feel guilty about draining their savings in order to go travelling. But here at Curious Kat’s Adventures we believe that no-one should feel guilty about taking their saved up funds in order to see the world. To help ease your guilt we have put together some of the greatest things about travelling.

It gives you self confidence

There is nothing more confidence boosting then being able to deal with an unknown situation as it crops up and this is definitely something that travelling can give you. Whilst you are travelling you will often have no-one else to rely on but yourself, meaning that you are in charge of your own happiness and experience.

You will make new friends

Whilst making you miss your friends back home, travelling will also help you to make new friends. After all, why spend your entire time alone? Get out there and make friends; you never know who you might meet, in fact you might make the best friends of your life.

It takes you away from it all

During your travels you are unlikely to have the time to worry about all the stress and hassle from your home life. This is particularly true when it comes to social media. Whilst you are learning to surf or soaking up some culture; the last thing that will come to mind is scrolling through your newsfeed to check in what is happening back home.

It makes you appreciate what you have at home

Being homesick isn’t the best feeling in the world, however, going travelling and leaving behind your friends and family will definitely make you appreciate them all the more when you are home. If you are feeling smothered by your parents or irritated by your friends, why not see if a few months travelling can help?

Create memories for a lifetime

Of course, travelling is great whilst you are travelling. But what you might not realise is that it will carry on to affect you for your entire lifetime. Travelling will give you memories and experiences that you will take with you every day through your life. It gives you something to tell your children about and also gives you interesting experiences to talk about.

So there you have it, our reasons why travelling is worth every single penny that it costs you. If you are yet to grab your backpack and get out there then hopefully this has given you the motivation to save up before you travel the world. All without a single pang of guilt.

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