The Terrible Infants – Magical Performance

Date: 19.10.2017

Start time: 7:00pm

Fresh from their hit Olivier nominated production, Alice’s Adventure’s Underground, innovative theatre company Les Enfants Terribles arrive at Wiltons to present their multiple award-winning show, The Terrible Infants.

What’s included:

– ticket (stalls)

– admin fee


2017-10-19 7:00pm

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Fresh from their hit Olivier nominated production, Alice’s Adventure’s Underground, innovative theatre company Les Enfants Terribles arrive at Wiltons to present their multiple award-winning show, The Terrible Infants.

Based upon a series of twisted tales by Oliver Lansley and Samuel Wyer, this fantastic spectacle blends puppetry, live music, performance, and dark story telling into a highly sensory theatrical feast suitable for big kids and small grown ups.

What’s included:

– ticket (stalls)

– admin fee

Featuring narration recorded by Dame Judi Dench.

Meet Tumb, the boy who eats his mum, Thingummyboy, with a face even his mother forgets, little Linena, the material girl, manky Mingus, and of course little Tilly and her terrible tale.

Roald Dahl meets Tim Burton in this hugely theatrical, scary, funny, sad, silly, junk-filled, puppetry packed, dark, delicious, musical, magical piece of performance!

When you tell too many tall tales, those tales have a tendency to take over,
growing bigger and uglier and stronger and scarier, layering lie upon lie, fib upon fib,
white lies turn to grey and grey turn to black,
while you’re lugging around this huge tale on your back.
It’s always behind you, but none of it’s true,
and soon you can’t control the tale, it is the tale that controls you…

Meeting point: We will be meeting outside the Wilton’s Music Hall at 7:00 pm.  We will wait for 10 minutes for any late comers and at 7:10 pm we will move in. The host will be carrying a balloon with the group’s logo on it. The show starts at 7:30 pm.

To get there: the closest tube stations are Tower Hill (Zone 1), Aldgate East (Zone 1) and Shadwell (Zone 2). The closest rail station is Fenchurch Street.


‘The use of stage props is evocative and professional throughout this faultless show. For kids or adults alike, these morality tales are simply tremendous fun and the performers are some of the best you’ll see in this genre. A total delight from start to finish.’

These cautionary tales are terrific fun, poised somewhere between Shockheaded Peter and Roald Dahl’s nastiest stories… Every physical theatre trick in the box.

An absolute delight of a show… these are new and original moral fables performed with such a sense of conviction and glee that they are just as enthralling to adults and children alike.. Colourful and wickedly fun this is storytelling as it should be.

A blend of the Brothers Grimm’s fantasy, a bit of Roald Dahl’s imagination and some of Tim Burton’s prose and visuals… Missing a show by Les Enfants Terribles would normally constitute somewhat of a sacrilege, but missing The Terrible Infants should be penalised by law. If ever there was a more perfect little show, this is it.

Think Roald Dahl, Lewis Carroll and Hilaire Belloc, add a helping of almost every theatrical style imaginable, and you have some idea of what The Terrible Infants is all about…this is a show that sets out to entertain, excite and challenge, offering humour, energy, eccentricity and a touch of the macabre. Funny, intriguing and captivating, this is a show that appeals to all ages.


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