Come and join an adventure with us! You can become a Friend, a Club Member, a Family Member or a Team Member.


We have 3 short videos that explain the whole process, you can see them here:  MEMBERSHIP VIDEOS

We have four levels of membership

  • Friend
  • Club Member
  • Family Member
  • Team Member

Each level gives you more benefits as we reward your loyalty and support with further discounts and privileges. We have a small membership fee starting at £5.99 per month (we’ve spent more than this on coffee in a week. And way more on that gym membership we never use). This helps us ensure we are running the best quality of events. You’ll get your money back quickly and in return for your fee get fantastic discounts off events. Our event types are as follows:


Membership Types



As a FRIEND you can set up a basic account, which can be easily managed online. It allows you to track your purchases and edit the information stored, as well as updating our newsletter preferences. We will inform you about your chosen upcoming events and of relevant discounts. Becoming a friend is free of charge, however, you will miss out on all the amazing benefits and further discounts that Club and Family Members receive.

Club Member

The Benefits
  • Incredible discounts for all of our events
    15% OFF – MINI events up to £35
    10% OFF – MIDI events up to £350
    5% OFF – MAXI events over £350
  • At least 2 free members’ events per month
  • 48 hours priority booking
  • Opportunity to become a Family Member and unlock further discounts, or to perform one of club roles as a Team Member (Club roles guarantee even lower prices)
  • Member’s challenges such as the 100 mile challenge, where you can unlock further discounts!
  • 15% off at all Cotswold Outdoor stores and online at (to receive discount code, please email once subscription has been confirmed)

Family Member

A Family Member is a title which can only be earned. But when you do, you unlock further discounts and privileges, all for the price of your continued Club Member subscription.

The Benefits
  • Further discounts on all of our events
    20% OFF – MINI events
    15% OFF – MIDI events
    7% OFF – MAXI events
  • Exclusive offers (often we have last minute tickets that you can have for half the price, or sometimes even a fraction of the original price).
How do I become a Family Member?

It couldn’t be easier, and at no extra cost!

  • Actively participate. After you have attended either 10 x Mini Adventures, or 5 x Midi Adventures, or 1 x Maxi Adventure you are upgraded to a Family Member. You will retain this privilege for the entire duration of your membership. Unless you cancel, you are a Family Member for life.
  • Complete one of our challenges. At the moment we have a Walk 100 Miles challenge and we are currently working on Cuisine A-Z and Adventure A-Z. And there’s lots more in the pipeline!

Team Member

Our final and most heavily discounted membership is another which can only be earned. It takes a bit of input from you, but for your help we can offer you our absolute best discounts and sometimes even free places on our trips!

The Benefits
  • Our absolute best prices on all trips and events
  • Ridiculously large discounts or free places on events where you perform a Team Member role for us
  • Exclusive offers
How do I become a Team Member?

To become a Team Member you simply need to perform one of our Club Roles at our events. This could mean becoming one of our hosts, driving for us, being our photographer or becoming a hike leader.

So, is becoming a member worth it?

Absolutely! Not only it is cheaper for you to make amazing memories and meet new friends during your adventures, you also get exclusive offers, awesome perks, access to challenges and the opportunity to climb our membership ladder and unlock further discounts. Plus it is so easy to get your money’s worth. Let us explain how.

When you are a Club Member:

  • Average maxi events cost around £1500. Apply 5% Club Member discount and get £75 off the non-member price.
  • Average midi events cost around £250. Apply 10% Club Member discount and get £25 off the non-member price.
  • Average mini events cost around £25. Apply 15% Club Member discount and you save £3.75 off the non-member price.


When you are a Family Member:

  • Average maxi event costs around £1500. Apply 7% Family Member discount and you save £105 off the non-member price.
  • Average midi event costs around £250. Apply 15% Family Member discount and you save £37.50 off the non member price.
  • Average mini event costs around £25. Apply 20% Family Member discount and you save £5 off the non-member price.


Subscription prices

We’ve come up with some amazing subscription deals to give you unbelievable value for money. All of our subscriptions are to be paid as lump sums, with our standard best value subscription equating to just £5.99 per month. Amazing!


All subscriptions will automatically renew after your chosen subscription period has ended and will cover you for the period of membership that you have chosen.

And remember: the more you adventure with us, the more you save. It is really a no-brainer.


Level Price  
CLUB MEMBER - annual subscription (equivalent to £5.99 per month) £71.88 per Year. Select
CLUB MEMBER - bi-annual subscription (equivalent to £6.99 per month) £41.94 every 6 Months. Select
CLUB MEMBER - quarterly subscription (equivalent to £9.99 per month) £29.97 every 3 Months. Select
CLUB MEMBER - monthly subscription £11.99 per Month. Select
FRIEND Free Select