Name: Ben Edwards

What is your role at CKAC?  Event Leader

What is your relevant work experience?  I’ve been a project manager for 5 years

What are your interests outside of work?The finer things in life!

How did you start working for CKAC? I randomly bumped into Kat on a trip and get chatting – it went from there.

Why are you passionate about working for CKAC? Because the trips are so fun, it is great meeting new people, and seeing happy adventurers come time after time is rewarding,

What is your travel experience? 4 continents, over 20 countries.

What do you like about travelling? Experiencing new cultures and ways of life

What is your favorite travel destination? Anywhere cold.  With snow.  And skis.

What has been your best experience with CKAC so far? Ibiza.  I’m not a clubber by nature but the first time I led Ibiza the group of people who came were something special.

Why would you recommend CKAC events and trips? You’ll never get bored!