Luke-Video Editor

Name: Łukasz Majewski

What is your role at CKAC? Photo and video editor

 What is your relevant work experience? It’s my first “serious” job, so I think we can omit this point 😛

What are your interests outside of work? Collecting music CD’s, studying foreign languages, beer tasting.

How did you start working for CKAC? I have found an announcement on the Internet and applied.

Why are you passionate about working for CKAC? By making photos and videos I can encourage people to travel and have fun.

What is your travel experience? I was in twice in Kaliningrad, once in Venice and in Klagenfurt. Generally I’m not travelling much.

What do you like about travelling? Seeing new places, using foreign languages in real-life situations.

What is your favorite travel destination? Russia

What has been your best experience with CKAC so far? I’m not sure what this means… Making videos, that people like and share with the others maybe?

Why would you recommend CKAC events and trips? Because the hosts are always friendly and you can socialise with other attendees.