Name: Olha Vons

What is your role at CKAC? Administrator

What is your relevant work experience? I organise music festivals.

What are your interests outside of work? Family, music and travelling.

How did you start working for CKAC? I’ve found the vacancy in the internet

Why are you passionate about working for CKAC? I can learn a lot and develop myself here. I like the idea and the goals of this company. I like to do things that will make people happy

What is your travel experience? I `m discovering Ukraine as there are so many unknown and beautiful places to visit. I’ve also been to Poland, Belarus, France, Belgium and Netherlands.

What do you like about travelling? Discovering. I travel with my family and close friends. When we plan our trip we can’t always find all details how to get there, so sometimes we should even search for the path in the forest or in mountains. But it’s exciting!

What is your favorite travel destination?  Carpathian mountains

What has been your best experience with CKAC so far? Setting up my first event 🙂

Why would you recommend CKAC events and trips? They are alive and are created to make people happy