Sylwia – Manager

Name: Sylwia Sternal

What is your role at CKAC?  Operations Manager and Host

What is your relevant work experience? I worked as an archaeologist before I started my adventure with CKAC. It`s no directly related with travel industry but travelling is definitely part of the job.

What are your interests outside of work?  I`m passionate about history, action and comic book movies and yoga. I also addicted to travelling (let`s face it, we all are!)

How did you start working for CKAC?  I met Kat two years ago in Poland when she was looking for someone who will help her with CKAC website, we started to talk and the rest is history.

Why are you passionate about working for CKAC? Meeting great people!

What is your travel experience? It`s not huge, so far I visited 12 countries, but I have lots of plans for future adventures.

What do you like about travelling? I like to feel like a local, even if it`s only for a few hours, experience different life, taste different food, see different cultures.

What is your favourite travel destination?  So far my favourite place is Croatia.

What has been your best experience with CKAC so far? Camel trekking on Sahara Desert in Morocco in the middle of the night, I will never forget it. The sky was full of stars, simply magical.

Why would you recommend CKAC events and trips? Our team put a lot of efford to make every trip a perfect experience. We want you to see the essence of each place you visit. Every adventure is a perfect combination of activities, culture  and social experience. We create a memory that will stay with you for a lifetime.