Name: Yasemin Iscan

What is your role at CKAC?  – I am one of the hosts!

What is your relevant work experience?  – I am a tv reporter so I guess I am a people’s person 🙂

What are your interests outside of work?  – I love hiking, climbing, martial arts and animals

How did you start working for CKAC?  – I have been to so many Curious Kat trips and have been such a fan… I guess me and Kat just got along and she asked me to co-host a fun trip to Venice Carnival.

Why are you passionate about working for CKAC? – It is a great way to meet people. I met my boyfriend when I hosted a Burlesque Show, when Kat wasn’t feeling too well and asked me to host it last minute. I have to thank her for that!

What is your travel experience? – I have travelled to many countries and continents but it never suffices

What do you like about travelling? – I love learning about new cultures and doing non-touristy stuff. Hanging out with the locals, trying out their food.

What is your favourite travel destination? – So far my favourites are Vietnam, Egypt and Amsterdam. Weird trio maybe. But all have a special place in my heart. And a tattoo to represent.

What has been your best experience with CKAC so far? – Going on hiking and meeting amazing people and some of my closest friends today

Why would you recommend CKAC events and trips? – I think Kat and the team are very well organised and they do it for a purpose, not just to make money. That’s why whenever I want to go hiking on a weekend away, I choose Curious Kat.