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About Us

Are you curious to explore the world? Keen to meet like-minded travellers to share the journey?

Then welcome to Kat’s Adventure Club. We’re a community of free-spirited souls intent on seeking out adventure and embracing the new. New countries. New experiences. New friends.

We aim to help people realise their dreams through spectacular ventures across continents and cultures. Our trips include historical sites and monuments, stunning scenery, and involve us fully immersing ourselves into the local food and culture. Once-in-a-lifetime trips you’ll never forget.

Yet at Kat’s Adventure Club, you don’t have to go far to find excitement. We also arrange day trips in the UK, weekends in Europe and nights out in London. The one thing you can be sure about at a Kat’s Adventure event is that it will have a little something different and a huge dose of fun!

If you want to live life to the full, have fun and make new friends, this is the place for you.



  • FAQ
  • Cancellations policy and refunds

    As you know the group operates a no refund policy due to most of the costs having to be paid in advance.  However we understand that sometimes things come up and there is nothing you can do, you just have to cancel.

    In this case we would be happy to allow you to sell your place to one of your friends. No direct swaps will be accepted though, so your friend needs to buy the place directly from us and only then we will process a refund to you. No one will be admitted on the trip, unless they pay directly to us.

    To make sure we know that the swap will be taking place please email us before your friend signs up and let us know their name and when they will be making the payment. Please include the information about the trip as with over 60 upcoming events and almost 8,000 members we are getting hundreds of emails per day, so we need the correct information to identify it.

    Please note that if you forget to let us know before your friend signs up, the swap will be invalid and will be treated as any other sale. Once the payment is done by them, please email us the details of original transaction (so that it can be found in the bank account/paypal account) and where should we be sending refund to.

    Admin fee of 10% (minimum £3.50) applies to all refunds. Paypal fees are non refundable. The refund will be processed within 5 working days of the trip the latest.

  • Terms & Conditions

what people say about usTestimonials

  • “Amazing ideas, variety, trips, activities, holidays big and small- anything you want really. I really like the meeting new like-minded people element to this and the fact that the organiser-Kat- is so friendly. You get to meet her on most excursions… I’ve made some really good friends through this and am going to keep going as its so much fun and so easy to take part… just pay your money, turn up and be friendly! 🙂

    Clare Jackson
  • “Curious Kat’s Adventure Club is different to many other travel companies… The destinations may be similar to others, but every trip has one extra vital ingredient, a massive dose of FUN. Whether you try dog sledding in the Arctic, throwing tomatoes at one another in Bunol, or hiking in the mountains, you’re pretty much guaranteed to come home hurting from laughter…”

    Rob Searson
  • 5 star adventure group; I couldn’t recommend highly enough. I wanted to thank Curious Kat for organising our recent brilliant trip to Lanzarote (among others). Kat, and all the other hosts, are very personable, professional and determined to ensure everyone gets the best out of each experience. Curious Kat has a variety of events/hikes/trips away on offer and it has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of. This group is inclusive and welcomes anyone. If you want to experience new things, don’t delay in booking yourself onto a few of Curious Kat’s events – you won’t look back 😀
    Annie Lockyer


When summertime comes: Oyster Festival
Posted on : 09-04-2017 By : sylwia

Summertime Sadness is the most common emotion I fight to overcome at most parts of the year living in London. Summer here is like a long distance friend who only appears once in a while if you are lucky. But when it does come we sometimes let it pass by without making every moment emerge triumphantly. Each winter we plan and envision different ideas in our minds for the brighter days to come yet when they arrive never seems to materialise. Some put it down to work and home commitments…

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